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's financial crimes enforcement network. under existing law banks and other financial institutions are required to file reports anytime they red flag suspicious activity such as the movement of more than $10,000 in a single transaction, unusual structuring of accounts and so forth. the fbi enjoys full access to these report, but the nation's intelligence agencies must make case-by-case requests for them. this new document proposes the database be linked directly to the nation's intention agencies. for these reports to be of value in detecting money laundering, reuters quotes the treasury document as saying. >> reporter: when the director of national intelligence, general james clapper, testified before congress on tuesday, he said money laundering measures more than a trillion dollars a year, and he lamented deficiencies in our ability to track it all saying inadequate anti-money laundering regulations and lax enforcement of existing ones are challenging international law enforcement efforts. and general clapper, it'ses also worth noting, put financial crimes right alongside cyber warfare as, q
in 20 minutes. supreme court is taking up controversial voter i.d. law requiring people to prove their citizenship before they can vote. we're live in washington with the latest on that. >>> winter going out with a bang. blizzard conditions stretching from north dakota to iowa today. will spring ever get here? a look at the late winter storm and where it's headed coming up. when did you know that grandma was the one? when her sister dumped me. grandpa was my dad a goodthlete? no. oh dad, you remember my friend alex? yeah. the one that had the work done... good to see you. where do we go when we die? the ground. who's your girlfriend? his name is chad. and that's where babies come from. [ male announcer ] sometimes being too transparent can be a bad thing. this looks good! male announcer ] but not with the oscar mayer deli fresh clear pack. it's what you see is what you get food. it's oscar mayer. jenna: fox news weather alert for you now. a late winter storm slamming the upper midwest today. the national weather service is issuing blizzard and other severe weather warnings for th
. this national trend is echoed in the microcosm of newtown, connecticut. where law enforcement say they have seen the pace of applications for gun permits double. so what does this all mean for the gun control debate, an effort going forward? joining me fox news political analyst juan williams. juan, we can talk about the strategy here and move onto the legislation itself. why, why did harry reid make the decision? >> didn't have the votes, jenna lee. it is very clear he does not feel if this can get through and it further could endanger efforts that he is making on the gun control front and central among them would be making sure that you punish people who are straw purchasers of illegal, of weapons in order to hand them over to others who don't have the right to buy guns, couldn't get through a background check. similarly he wants to look at school safety measures. he wants to close background, make sure background checks are complete, that they cover everybody. that there's no gun show loophole any longer. these are steps that he thinks he can get a consensus on, that he can hold together the
and so forth. he doesn't want too of offend them by signing into law a pipeline that will burn petroleum. how do you answer that. >> the fourth environmental review came out by his own state department and said there are no significant environmental impacts with the project. there will be less greenhouse emissions if the project is built than if it's not built. furthermore in a recent poll over 70% of americans said we want this project. all of those issues have been addressed. jon: we'll see what the president decides. he says he's going to wait maybe until summer i guess to decide on this thing. senator baucus, senator hoeven, joined by 12 other senators from both parties on this legislation. thank you for joining us today. >> thanks, jon. >> thanks a lot. jenna: the president is preparing for his landmark trip to israel next week addressing the issue of iran's nuclear program. what he's saying now about the timing for iran to develop nuclear weapons that is really making some headlines. also some startling new video of jodi arias. we've seen her testifying for 18 days in her murder tr
and landing unmanned aerial vehicle. it is for border patrol, police, law enforcement, fire. it takes off, flies in a defined area for a short period of time. this cube use as color camera and then it also has, can come with an optional infrared camera. >> this is the micro observer, ground sensor system. it senses people walking or vehicles traveling around the area. this is an infrared camera. it is not powered on until there is detection in the sensor field. basically someone is walking through the sensor field. one of the sensors detects that person and communicates back to the gateway. says, please turn the camera on. the camera takes three near simultaneous images and sends it back to the operator. >> we're demonstrating the latest i.d. scanner. you take the card, put either side of the card, scan the card. it can be used anywhere you want to read the card and be able to tell if this is a real i.d. or a fake. if you use it on tsa, basically it will speed up the process. it increases security. not only that, it detects all the extract and hard to find features you can not see with th
and as a matter of policy and law. jon: jonah goldberg is editor at large for the national review and a fox news contributor. when you look at that video, jonah, i mean, nice makeup, soft lighting, it looks like a campaign commercial. >> yeah. it also kind of looks like, you know, the wedding scene from the godfather where he can't deny anyone a request with on the with daughter's wedding day. [laughter] yeah, i thought this was a weird choice for them to do it this way because what private citizen comes out with this kind of highly-produced video unless they're planning to run for office? they could have done this a bunch of different ways that would have left things more ambiguous. it's not like she doesn't have a rolodex full of reporters that could ask her softball questions as sort of a two months out of the state department what's going on kind of thing where she could have gotten out in front of the gay marriage issue. this really felt like a campaign announcement. jon: so what happened to the hillary clinton who left the state department saying, you know, she didn't have any plans, she w
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6